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If you have never experienced the excellent level of service we deliver, then you are about to discover something wonderful.

We at Olean Carpet Cleaning have one goal - to be recognized as the absolute best in our various fields.

So, why is that good news for you? Well, it's simple - satisfied clients are the ones who determine a company's level of success. So, as a result, we have successfully instituted a perfect blend of;


            Exceptional Service          Good Quality Products          Advanced Training          & Fair Pricing


And while all of this does help our company to grow, it also means that our clients' satisfaction are practically guaranteed.

The method we use for cleaning is hot water extraction, commonly referred to as steam cleaning. It is the number one method recommended by leading carpet manufacturers in America.

This is a service we are always excited to provide. And that's because the final finish is usually so dynamic that we end up bursting with pride. We cut no corners: 2 sealer coats and 3 coats of finish guarantees a beautiful finish every time.

We clean all types of fabric, from synthetic to natural. Furniture cleaning should be a priority to anyone concerned with indoor air quality and the unpleasant effects  of dust mites.                  

Wood floor refinishing & restoration are delicate practices that require patience and an expert touch. We can't wait to surprise you with the results.

You're going to love seeing your tiles restored to their once illustrious state. And it's all achieved through our state of the art application.

If it is even remotely possible for a stain to be removed, we're the ones who can do it. We have an extensive arsenal of tried and true spot treatment products at our disposal, and the expertise to use them.

Office Hours: 

8:00am to 5:00pm (Monday - Friday)
8:00am to 12:00noon (Saturday)

Closed on Sundays


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"They are prompt, friendly and do a great job."


"Murphy and Sharon have been cleaning our carpets for 4 yrs now and they have always been very professional...

"When they are done, my carpets are still old...But clean enough to eat off."

"In the 7 years Olean Carpet Cleaning has been [cleaning for us], we have had our carpets cleaned 3x's a year. When they are done, my carpets are still old...But clean enough to eat off...

"Very professional with wonderful personalities"

"We recently purchased our first home and it had hardwood floors we wanted to restore. Surfing the Yellow Pages, I called Olean Carpet Cleaning and spoke with Murphy and just got a good feeling over the phone that he knew what he was doing...

"... a team of professionals with the necessary training, experience and equipment ..."

"My wife and I returned home after being away for three weeks, only to discover that a leak in our 1st floor bathroom had not only flooded the bathroom, but the entire finished basement. We called Olean Carpet Cleaning (& Restore Tech) and they were there within a few hours...

"The job they did was wonderful and very affordable"

"Olean Carpet Cleaning cleaned our tile and grout in the bathroom, office, kitchen and basement. They also cleaned our rugs and furniture. The job they did was wonderful and very affordable. The house looks and smells so clean...

"You take the time to do the extra"

"We love the work you do!  You take the time to do the extra! We were so impressed that we were glad to throw in an extra $25.00 on top of the actual price...

See more testimonies on our dedicated Testimonials page

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