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One Stop Shopping for Cleaning and Restoration Services

OCC&RT offers a wide range of services tailored to suit your needs.


We provide professional Truck Mounted Steam Cleaning, according to the IICRC standards. Our process is as follows:

  • Dry soil removal (vacuuming). There is an extra cost for this service and it must be requested prior to appointment.

  • Soil suspension using a carpet pre-spray engineered for your specific type of carpet.

  • Pre-treatment of minor stains.

  • Agitation of carpet (where applicable)

  • Hot water extraction & rinse using an emulsifier.

  • Application of protector if requested (always recommended).

  • Speed drying if this option is selected.

  • Grooming of carpet where applicable.

  • Anti-browning agents are used on natural fibers like "cotton" & "wool" (usually found in oriental rugs).

Rates and Fees -

All legitimate and informed carpet cleaners price by the square foot. However, there are factors that influence the actual price "per square foot" (psf). At OCC & RT we generally work with .34 cents psf. An additional fee is added on for general spot and traffic treatments where necessary. 

Steps on the other hand are priced individually @ $2.50 per step.
Unusually large or heavily soiled steps are $4 each.

  • Fabric is pre-tested for color fastness.

  • The rest of the process is similar to carpet cleaning, but with adjustments in the type of tools and cleaning agents used.

  • Leather is hand cleaned. Appropriate leather conditioners are applied before the use of an actual cleaning agent (usually in gel form).

  • We also, safely clean micro-fibers.

Rates and Fees -

As with carpet cleaning, there are a few things that can affect the cost of cleaning furniture. Some of these factors are;  size, color fastness, number of pillows/cushions, reclining vs non-reclining, degree of soiling, design and type of fabric. The following prices cover soiled to heavily soiled:  

          Couch             $85.00 - $105.00

          Loveseat              $75.00 - $85.00

          Chair                $35.00 - $45.00

          Recliner          $50.00 - $65.00

          Ottoman                   $15.00 - $30.00

  • As with carpet, a pre-conditioner is used to loosen caked on soil & grime.

  • The surface is then cleaned using our powerful SX 12 tile cleaning tool.

  • Particular attention is paid to grout lines. This sometimes requires hands on manual cleaning.

  • After drying the cleaned surface the grout lines are sealed. This ensures a higher level of stain resistance.

  • If re-grouting is desired, we also provide that service.

  • We can clean all tiled surfaces; counter-tops, floors and walls.

Rates and Fees -
           Cleaning            .60 - .85 cents per square foot
           Re-sealing         .32 cents per square foot
must be assessed before pricing

         NOTE: Prices do not apply to mosaic tiles. Typically the price will range between .88 and .98 cents psf


            - oxidation
            - heat
            - hours of dwell time
            - powder-like substances to draw out the stain
            - dual chemical applications  etc.


               Knowing the origin of a stain helps greatly in its successful removal.

  • Basic stain removal is part of our standard carpet cleaning package. But sometimes  more in-depth stain removal may be required for stubborn stains.

  • There is a wide variety of stain removing agents and processes that are adapted to deal with the equally diverse nature of stains.

  • Some stain removal techniques may employ any... or a combination of the following;


Only top-of-the-line products are used in our process. Our aim is to achieve the best visible and most durable results possible. Inferior products may cost the client less but will not produce the results desired. This is our process for VCT and Rubber Tiles:

  • Floors are swept to remove any loose soil/debris.

  • A stripping agent is applied and allowed the appropriate dwell time. This loosens up any old wax and caked on grime so that it can be stripped off easily.

  • Using our state of the art scrubbing machines, the floor is then stripped (being careful not to overlook wax build up around the edges) and the displaced material is sucked up by our wet/dry vacs.

  • The floor is then mopped with a neutral rinse and sucked up once more with our wet/dry vacs.

  • Through the use of air movers, the floor is then dried thoroughly.

  • After ensuring that the floor is completely dry, the first of two layers of sealant is applied. 30-45 minutes later the second layer is applied.

  • Approximately 45 minutes later the first of 2-3 coats of wax is applied and allowed to dry. The remaining coats are applied at 30-45 minute intervals.

  • Clients are advised to clear everything off the floors to be stripped and waxed, prior to our arrival.

Rates and Fees -

Rates for stripping and waxing can vary dramatically. This service depends in-large-part on quantity. A proper evaluation must be done before an accurate estimate can be given. The typical cost is between .78 and .88 cents psf


A wide range of prices can apply to wooden floor services. Usually a site visit is necessary before an estimate can be given. Please call for more information.

  1. Property is assessed to determine degree of loss. Proper flood assessment cannot be done over the phone.                                                                                                                                        

  2. Estimate is generated for client and insurance company if applicable. 


The restoration process may vary depending on the situation, but the following is a general itemization of the process;

  • Electrical devices are unplugged and the power shut of if electrocution is even a remote possibility.


  • Items that are deemed unsalvageable are removed with the client's permission.                          

  • In sewer back-up situations, removal of contaminated carpet padding and even drywall may be necessary.


  • Water extraction (water level determines the type of water extraction tools used).    


  • Furniture in contact with wet floor are placed on blocks and tabs.  


  • Drying (in combination with our industrial strength dehumidifiers and air movers, we also use the revolutionary "Thermal Energy System" for high speed structural drying, this is the future of restorative drying).      


  • Post moisture detection (to ensure that it doesn't just feel dry, but that it actually is dry).  


  • Carpet/floor cleaning (done after carpet, structure and contents are thoroughly dry).  

  • Mold mitigation (standard preventative procedure is performed). We are not mold specialists. This application is simply the application of a spray-on mitigator.

Rates and Fees:

It is not possible to provide a standard rate for either flood or fire damage restoration. Each situation must be thoroughly evaluated before generating an estimate. There are however, two situations that have set fees;

Emergency response fee (when immediate assistance is required after normal working hours).  
> Call for details

Written estimates for insurance and other purposes (includes drawing up and forwarding documents to insurance company and client via faxing, mailing etc.)   

       > Call for details


You may incur a service fee for any one (or a combination of) the following:

Your job requires more set-up time than a routine job 

- Job is on the 2nd or 3rd floor and difficult to get to

- Your water source/spigot is not easily accessible

- You didn't clear your drive/walkway of snow or ice

- Debris on your carpet that requires vacuuming or sweeping up before work can begin

- Content manipulation: We typically move three pieces of furniture for free. Anything beyond that will be            included in a service fee.

Your job is outside the immediate service area

Clients residing outside our immediate service areas will experience a small surcharge on their bill. This has been necessitated by circumstances beyond our control. The table below serves as a rough guide for how this surcharge is applied;


Travel Time               Applicable Surcharge

10 - 15 mins                            $ 10.00

16 - 30 mins                            $20.00

31 - 45 mins                            $35.00

46 - 60 mins                            $45.00

60 mins +                                 $65.00

Our immediate service area includes: Olean and Allegany


Our extended service areas are: Chautauqua, Cattaraugus, Allegany, Erie, McKean and Potter counties.

Your job requires special attention

- Actual fecal matter to be removed from carpet or furniture

- Client requests a specific time and day in advance that requires strategic scheduling

- Hazardous or physically uncomfortable working environment

- Client requires special paperwork to be filled out and submitted (usually for businesses)

Special note because we care!

- We understand that cleaning services can be expensive, therefore to encourage a more comfortable interaction, please be advised that tipping is not necessary. Your satisfaction and repeat business is enough.

we are only a phone call away

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